Restoration and Recovery Services in Summerlin, Nevada

Residents of Summerlin, Nevada, can rely on Apex Home Services Nevada for specialized restoration services that are expertly designed to meet the unique challenges of this dynamic community. Our extensive range of services includes handling water damage, conducting mold remediation, and safely removing hazardous materials like asbestos and lead.

Handling Water Damage
with Precision

In Summerlin, where seasonal weather can lead to unexpected water-related incidents, having a dependable service that can swiftly address water damage is crucial. Apex Home Services Nevada provides comprehensive water damage restoration services that cover everything from emergency water extraction to complete structural drying and repairs. We ensure that every phase of the process is managed efficiently to promptly restore safety and comfort to your property.

technician with equpiment

technician with equpiment

Advanced Mold
Remediation Techniques

Mold growth can compromise indoor air quality and pose health risks to residents. In Summerlin, our advanced mold remediation process involves detailed assessments, effective removal strategies, and measures to prevent future occurrences. We focus on eliminating mold at its source, using environmentally safe products and methods to ensure that your home or office remains a healthy environment.

Expert Asbestos and
Lead Abatement

The safety concerns associated with asbestos and lead are significant, especially in older homes that may still contain these materials. Apex Home Services Nevada’s abatement services in Summerlin are designed to address these risks head-on. We conduct thorough inspections and removals, adhering to strict safety standards to ensure that all hazardous materials are handled and disposed of properly.